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Too busy to blog

I’m up the walls. I’d tell you the names of the books I’ve read in the last few weeks but you’d give me a quizzical look.

Odd thing happened this morning: I checked the spam in my Gmail and found a legitimate one from eircom. It’s not the first time that’s happened. What’s Gmail trying to tell me? πŸ˜€

The magic 500

Apparently this is my 510th publish post. I’m not sure how that happened, especially given how I slacked off while without a web connection in the UAE etc. But, there you go. Interesting how such things sneak up on a person.

Links o' the day 6/11/08

While the world continues to cheer the election of Barack Obama as president of the world’s most powerful democracy, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck has been anointed king of the world’s newest, Bhutan.

Apparently you can accidentally steal a car.

Gorillas need surgery too.

Companies are turning to blogging as a way of reporting layoffs, rather than letting them get picked up by the traditional media.

It’s a beard off!

Cleantech is growing in silicon valley.

The Mars lander is guestblogging on Gizmodo πŸ˜€


My blogroll is in need of some serious pruning, reorganisation and revamping. It might be a few days before I get around to it, but if you have any suggestions or thoughts feel free to leave them in a comment.

Blogs are dead, apparently

Well nobody told me, and, seeing as Tiny Planet has grumbled back to life after some weeks of semi-hibernation, they can feck off. The death of the blog was proclaimed by Wired:

Writing a weblog today isn’t the bright idea it was four years ago. The blogosphere, once a freshwater oasis of folksy self-expression and clever thought, has been flooded by a tsunami of paid bilge. Cut-rate journalists and underground marketing campaigns now drown out the authentic voices of amateur wordsmiths. It’s almost impossible to get noticed, except by hecklers. And why bother? The time it takes to craft sharp, witty blog prose is better spent expressing yourself on Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter.

There is a fair point there. It’s not exactly a level playing field when the likes of The Huffington Post and Engadget have professional teams cranking out dozens of posts a day. But you might as well proclaim soccer to be dead because only four teams in the English premier league stand a realistic chance of winning it; that doesn’t suddenly mean that people won’t play the game (or in this case blog) simply for the sake of enjoying it. You think I do this for money? Like hell I do.