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Byline picI am a historian, technophile, blogger, and soon-to-be father. I am also a journalist who has worked at regional, national, daily, and weekly levels both in Ireland and the Middle East. I am chief sub-editor with the Irish Examiner, a national daily newspaper. I was previously with The National in Abu Dhabi when in launched in 2008, before returning home to pursue medieval studies and subsequently returning to the Irish Examiner.

This blog started life as a commentary on world affairs but has become more personal; certainly losing my archive a few weeks ago has allowed me to think more clearly about what I want this blog to be.

I am interested in music, science, social media, and writing generally so expect all of those to get a look in at some stage. I am a PhD candidate at University College Cork, working on Bede and eschatology, and blog about history at Chronica Minora.

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  1. UCC Graduate School

    Dear David,

    I wonder if you’d be willing to give a short talk (10 mins) to a group of incoming taught Masters students in UCC on Monday 14th September at 5.30pm? We are looking for a Masters graduate who has progressed to interesting employment, and your name was suggested. The purpose of the event is to welcome the new students, give them an idea of how to make the most of their Masters year, and get them thinking about what they might like to do after they finish. If you are interested and available I’d be happy to give you more details?

    Many thanks,

    Mary Byrne
    Tel. 021-4903304


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