Monthly Archives: December 2008

It's Jesus reborn!

Well, kind of.

A Peruvian woman called Virgen Maria, who is married to a carpenter, has named her son Jesus Emanuel after giving birth on Christmas Day.

Twenty-year-old Virgen Maria Huarcaya Palomino had not been due to give birth on Thursday, but went into labour early and underwent a Caesarean operation.


This is not a political blog, but this infuriates me.

THE Government is not going to publish a report into the mishandling of child sex abuse claims in a Cork diocese, Minister for Children Barry Andrews has confirmed.

Mr Andrews was given the report five months ago and has been under sustained pressure from child abuse campaigners to publish its findings. The report investigated the handling of allegations of abuse in Cloyne made to the Catholic Church between 15 and 20 years ago.

Mr Andrews said neither the department nor the Government commissioned the report and responsibility for publication of the potentially explosive report lay “elsewhere”.

So, to put it in webspeak, the Goverment is saying: “ZOMGZOMGZOMGZOMGZOMG this is really bad but it’s not our job, yay! LOL”. Useless, useless, useless. The Government, in its role as custodian of the State, is the one that would have to act on the report’s findings; incidentally, the report has not been given to the police.

I'm tired…

…busy, ill, worn out and my computer (y’know, the one with Vista that I keep bitching about) is screwed. Firefox had slowed to a crawl, this blog can’t be updated in Safari and, oddly enough, IE is the star performer in the browser stakes. But I digress. It is, however, approaching the 13th anniversary of John Bosman’s glorious court victory that changed soccer forever. But what if he hadn’t won?