David O’Mahony is chief sub-editor with the Irish Examiner, a national newspaper based in Cork, Ireland. He is a historian and writer who returned to the green (and damp) shores of Ireland following his small part in launching The National, a daily newspaper of record based in Abu Dhabi. He is researching a PhD in medieval history at UCC, where he has taught classes in both writing skills and medieval history to undergraduates .

He gets very excited about anything related to gadgets, world news and business, which means he is a very, very lonely young man. He has deputised as foreign and deputy night editor and probably half-a-dozen other things he can’t remember. When you’re needed, you pitch in and roll with the punches.

He started this blog because he can’t stop reading the news wires and missed writing.

He has reported for newspapers such as the Evening Echo and Waterford News & Star, and in November-December 2005/January 2006 left the Examiner’s subbing desk to transcribe court copy in the trial and sentencing of Wayne O’Donoghue. Some of that work can be found here.

He loves science fiction and is interested in everything from music to medieval history to architecture. He finds his philosophy in very strange places.

David writes in the third person because he is a very private person and has the strange notion this technique creates a comfortable distance. He can be contacted by leaving a comment or through the Twitter feed on the left.

The views expressed here and on Twitter do not represent the views of David’s employer.

David’s more academic and history-leaning blog is Chronica Minora.

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  1. Jack Murray

    Hi David,

    I hope you are keeping well.

    My name is Jack Murray and I publish the Irish Media Contacts Directory.

    I think your blog is great. I am trying to expand the reach of the Media Directory website http://www.mediacontact.ie. I was wondering would it be possible for both of us to feature each other’s sites. I am starting a link called “Sites We Like” and I will feature your blog there. I would be grateful if you could feature The Irish Media Contacts Directory on your site. The link is http://www.mediacontact.ie . The Directory lists every journalist in Ireland. All our users are in the media industry and I think it would be great profile for your blog.

    Also what is your address, I want post a copy of the Directory to you.

    Thanks for reading this.

    All the best


    Jack Murray
    Managing Director
    2 Argus House | Greenmount Office Park | Harold’s Cross | Dublin 6W
    t. 01-473 2050 f. 01-473 2049 e. jack@mediacontact.ie w. http://www.mediacontact.ie

  2. Ryan Garner

    Hi David,

    I would like to ask you whther we could use one of the images I have stumbled across on your blog.

    The image is spire_dublin_night.jpg – a greatimage that we could really use!

    Let me know if this is possible.


    Ryan Garner

  3. David O'Mahony Post author

    Hi Ryan,

    I didn’t take the picture. I remember that it was listed as copyright free, but unfortunately I can’t find the source. I’ve switched computers in the meantime so I might be missing some details. I can tell you that it dates to at least 2007.

    I’m really sorry that I can’t be of more help.


  4. Noel Rock

    The men are right David, clearly you’ve committed an error. PM them all and discuss it, put them at ease, won’t you? 😀

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