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Links o' the day 27/11/08

This shot of wind tower in Jaipur is one of my favourite photos of recent times. And it certainly helps take one’s mind off the carnage that’s going on in Mumbai.

While on the subject of great photographs, here are ten of Hubble’s best before it gets decommissioned in 2010.

Say phooey to that digital alarm clock and get a pin one instead.

Although given its recent track record (read “Vista”), Microsoft has got a fair bit right.

Could newspapers have survived the web?

The credit crunch/economic meltdown has thrown up all sorts of new financial terms. Just to add one: apparently Nokia refers to “synergy-related headcount adjustments”, better known to you and me as redundancies.

Madness of King George

Robert Silvery over on Scholars and Rogues has used July 4 to advocate Americans declare their independence from King George — George Bush. This is because he has placed his friends above the law by commuting Scooter Libby’s prison sentence.

Read his post here.

And while you’re there, check out Keith Olbermann’s special comment on how Bush’s actions mean he has ceased to be the president of the United States and is now the leader of a small part of one party.

In just a few minutes he sums up everything that is wrong with the Bush administration. One of the most powerful sequences I have seen in a long time. J’accuse for a modern era.


This was published a couple of weeks back but it’s still one of my favourite front pages in recent times. It’s from Germany’s Die Tageszeitung (a.k.a. Taz). Click for a bigger version.