Monthly Archives: October 2010

Orange madness

Cedar Lounge Revolution has some good comments on how the latest issue of The Orange Standard could be a sign of how paranoid the Orange Order has become. It’s “Roman Catholic IRA” comments are just out of order. Along with that, I would say that the Order seems to be attempting to instigate trouble more than anything else, even if it’s petty, niggling trouble of an outdated kind.

Read the Belfast Telegraph article here.

Book reviews

Cross-post from Chronica Minora.

I have been writing book reviews for the Irish Examiner for a few months, but I have forgotten to post links to them (and I can no longer find the links for some, although I have the original texts).

The most recent is ‘A Squalid, Senseless War’ by Norman Rose.

Before that I reviewed Eddie Chuculate’s story collection Cheyenne Madonna.

A full list of what I’ve reviewed can be found under my academic profile, top left.