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Getting my move on


The cat tries his best to help me pack.

The time draws near for my move to the UAE and my brain has gone into overdrive trying to think of all the things I’ll need. Thankfully I seem to be on top of things, though the baggage allowance is fairly miserly. Mais c’est la vie. I take one of the first flights out on St Stephen’s Day and I’m not sure what my internet access will be like for the next few weeks. I hope to settle into my apartment quickly and hit the ground running. Will I succeed? Watch this space.

Life in public

Jeff Jarvis makes an interesting point about social networking, Google presence and generally being known on the internet:

look at the benefits of publicness: We can maintain richer friendships longer. We may be more careful to act civilly in public. We may become more forgiving of others’ lapses of civility and sense in the hopes that they will forgive ours: the golden rule of the social life online, I hope. We can make connections with people with shared interests and needs. We act more socially. We find we can do more together than apart. We invest in and protect our identities and communities. We organize and act collaboratively to improve this world. Yes, there are risks to publicness and to losing privacy. But the benefits of life in the public are great. That is what my private peers do not realize but what the young public understands in their souls.

I like his thinking. True, it’s idealistic, but he’s highlighting the positive aspects to having a public presence on the web.

There are obvious privacy concerns, and one must be aware of how one’s web history can come back to haunt. The upside, Jarvis argues, is that other people have similar pasts and must forgive yours should they expect to be forgiven themselves.

Besides, there’s no reason you can’t have a weblife in public and not maintain a substantial degree of privacy.

The Exciting Life of Friel

My Facebook friend Mary has begun blogging on life and her move back to Ireland:

I will also say that 2007 has been a year of great change for me… I’ve pretty much been through it all this year…. but I don’t want to get boring and send you all to sleep, so I’ll just say that 2007 is the year my life begins again… a clean slate and a perfect opportunity to start again…

… SO, I take this ‘once in a lifetime’ second chance, and I hope to make the very best of it…

Visit her here.


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