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Links o' the day, 16/10/08

I used to do a daily list of links, but that fell by the wayside for some reason. Consider this a restart.

Skippy on the menu as Australia seeks to fight global warming. (Bloomberg; for the record, kangaroo meat isn’t bad)

Suit against God tossed over lack of address. (AP/

Consumption of psychoactive drugs by Tiwanakuan mummies. (

Crate expectations: 12 shipping container housing ideas. (Treehugger)

What your home and workspace say about your politics. (Lifehacker)

The music alliance pact. (UnaRocks)

Nerd rage. (1,000 Tiny Things I Hate)

Forget subprime mortgages, it was bin Laden. (The National)

Choir mistress pays hospital parking fine in 3,500 pennies. (The Daily Telegraph)

Star Trek MMO

CVG reports that Cryptic may unveil a Star Trek MMO on July 27. Which is nice in its own right, but which I’m only commenting on as that’s my birthday. My brain is on holiday so I’m not going to figure it out, but it may actually be unveiled on July 28. Either way, there’s a countdown on the Cryptic website.

Limbo in limbo*

The game Limbo of the Lost has been pulled because of graphical similarities to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Well, they’re not so much similarities as copy and paste jobs. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this Gamespot article. How dozy do you have to be to copy one of the most popular games of recent years and expect to get away with it.

* Sorry, the headline was so perfect I couldn’t help stealing it.

Far Cry 2


CVG has screenshots up of Far Cry 2. It’s a veeeeeeeeery pretty game, but as fans of the Doom series will tell you, looks are a different thing from playability.

Gary Gygax RIP

The co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, Gary Gygax, has died aged 69. He had been ill for some time.

Although I never played the pen-and-paper games, one of my earliest enduring memories of computer games is Eye of the Beholder, which was based on the D&D ruleset. Beyond the Beholder, Gygax’s creation (although he had little to do with D&D after 1985) gave rise to one of my favourites, Neverwinter Nights.

One might argue that, without Gygax and Don Kaye, modern fantasy gaming may never have emerged. Their work certainly fired my imagination, and will do so for many years to come.