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McDonald's = creepy

While scouring YouTube for something completely different, I found Ronald McDonald’s lost sister.


Creepy, but not as creepy as Ronald winning the favour of one lucky little boy:


Slightly sick ad

I’ve just seen an ad on UKTV for Oasis, a fruity soft drink produced by Coca-Cola.

It sees a herd of wildebeest stampede across the plains for the watering hole. When they arrive, one sniffs at the mucky liquid and the voice-over/interior monologue goes something like: “What? We came all this way across Africa to drink this muck? How could it possibly get any worse?”

At which point a crocodile leaps from the water and sinks its teeth into one of the wildebeest.

As the herd flees, the weird little man who seems to be the main figure in the ad campaign appears and starts chugging down a bottle of Oasis. While the slogan “Oasis: for people who don’t like water” comes on screen, the croc drags the kicking animal into the water while the dying wildebeest says “This is exactly what happened to Alan last year”.

I don’t like it.

The narration is mildly amusing I suppose, but the fact that some goofball is messing around on screen swigging from a bottle of juice while an animal is dragged to its death is wrong.

That’s right. I like animals more than most people.

Big Brother is watching…

The local government in Terengganu state, Malaysia, recently installed 16 CCTV cameras in a bid to improve security. However, they have a secondary use: spying on employees.

Surprisingly, state secretary Mokhtar Nong confirmed this to a local newspaper, saying the system would keep tabs on the 1,000 or so workers in the government’s administrative complex.

“We would know if they are adhering to office etiquette or playing truant, and we can also gauge if they are disciplined at work,” said Mokhtar, who will have access to the tapes.

There are plans to set up another 26 cameras in the near future.

What made me laugh about the story were the following passages, as scribed by Associated Press:

Officials and workers interviewed by the newspaper praised the measure.

State Communications Unit deputy director Ruslan Abdul Rahman was quoted as saying the decision was “a brilliant idea,” stressing that workers should “accept the move in a positive manner as this will actually encourage them to excel further.”

Abdul Mubin Ismail, who works in the youth and sports department, told The Star that the move was “not to pinpoint our errors but to mold us into becoming more responsible.” He added that the surveillance could also curb office politics and sexual harassment.

I wonder if these individuals are angling for promotion?

Diana documentary

I bought into the hype and controversy and watched Diana: The Witnesses In the Tunnel. What crap. I can’t believe photographs showing such little detail and of such poor quality caused so much controversy. While I have no doubt that this was upsetting for Britain’s princes, as a viewer I have to say I was completely underwhelmed.


Turns out the Dutch TV show featuring three people competing for a dying woman’s kidney was a hoax. The trio, who knew it was all an illusion, really do need a transplant but the programme was made to highlight the lack of organ donors (the “dying woman” was an actress).

Have I ever told you I hate reality television?