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Links o' the day 13/11/08

Pic of the day, click for link to source. Close contender here.

Top comment on the Chelsea striker and renowned diver Didier Drogba throwing a coin into the stand: “To be fair … It was probably a simulated throw”.

Resort for the super-rich goes bankrupt.

Best headline on post-US election coverage: You’ll still need an oak stake to kill the GOP.

Why? Why would you do this?

I can understand (but, as I’m sure you can understand, not condone) the actions of the frustrated people in this story:

‘Dear investors, thanks for trusting us and depositing your money,’ read a note posted on the door of a company in the southwestern province of Cauca after its owners disappeared.

‘Now, for being stupid and believing in financial witchcraft, you will have to work for your money’, it said, prompting depositors to storm the building, wreck the companys offices and loot its computer equipment and furniture.

The real news

Forget the renewal of hope and general breath of fresh air that Obama will bring to the White House, he’s going to bring a whole new dress sense:

The Obama family took the stage in Chicago Tuesday night in color-coordinated outfits, all with touches of red or black.

For Michelle Obama, no stuffy suits or demure pastels here: Instead she wore a striking red-and-black dress designed by well-regarded, but not-so-mainstream, Narciso Rodriguez.

President-elect Barack Obama wore the same style dark-navy suit custom-made by Hart Schaffner Marx that he wore at the Democratic Convention, the company says, accompanied with a deep red, striped necktie.

Older daughter Malia wore a red bubble-hem dress, while the younger Sasha wore a black dress with an oversized bow on the front.

Together, they made a pleasing picture of coordination and confidence, style-watchers say.

Clearly I am out of touch with the really important stuff.


I’m sure that in years to come I will kick myself for not being up and watching when he won the election. We’ll just have to see how well he does over the four years from when he takes over in January.

I’m happy he won the popular vote as well as the electoral college vote, because it means he has a wider mandate and that he has transcended racial boundaries to a good extent. His policies and attitudes toward the likes of Pakistan and Afghanistan could be a problem, but only time will tell. It will also be interesting to see if there is some return to the civil freedoms that existed before the Bush administration.

If he can roll back some of the restrictions that the Patriot Act introduced then he will have made some serious progress — and he has the parliamentary support to do it. I just hope he doesn’t preside over an equally reactionary and oppressive regime. He has a great many minds to change and hearts to soften all over the world. Fingers crossed he can do it.

Change in the air

I think this was on the television as I left the office, but it’s a nice little detail nonetheless, and brings home the hint of change in the air after eight years of George W Bush:

In keeping with tradition, voting began at the stroke of midnight in a handful of remote towns in the north-eastern state of New Hampshire.

The residents of Dixville Notch have been meeting in the town’s ballot room at midnight each election day since 1960.

Mr Obama won the town’s poll by 15 votes to six for Mr McCain – a landslide victory after more than 40 years of Republican loyalty.

Poor Joe

Wandering Wikipedia can swallow up hours at a time, but throws up some oddities. For instance, the Donegal TD Joe McHugh has had his Wikipedia entry vandalised:

The people who have enough time on their hands to deface this are clearly sadder than I for ferreting it out.