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It's almost votin' time

America goes to the polls tomorrow. Gavin is in Chicago (you’ve been following his adventures, right?) and Una is in New York. I’m sure a few thousand other bloggers made the trip as well. I won’t be staying up late. Well, I tell myself that now. Ask me again at 3am on Wednesday morning.

Everybody calm down

The Peruvian faith healers have finally made their endorsement for the US presidential election: they’re backing Obama.

“Obama is growing stronger, I’ve seen that he has the spiritual support of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy to protect him,” Juan Osco, president of the Apus-Inka healers association, told The Associated Press. “He’s going to win.”

So there you have it. We can all rest easy now.

Links o' the day, 21/10/2008

The program for a supermajority. (Crooked Timber)

Ctrl-Alt-Del. (Robert Cringley)

Florida woman goes to jail over $7.45 bill. (AP)

Inconsistency irks with letter of the law. (Football365)

Reviving the fine art of cafe culture. (The Irish Times)

European economic weather map. (

Group says US used Ethiopia for dirty work. (The National)

And special mention for behind-the-times headline of the day:

Greens, greens, they’re good for your heart: study (AFP)

Diets worldwide that are rich in fried and salty foods increase heart attack risk, while eating lots of fruit, leafy greens and other vegetables reduces that risk, a groundbreaking study showed.

(The study was groundbreaking because it included developing countries, but this information is buried in the story.)