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I like ’em, believe it or not. Although the selection in recent times has been less than fantastic.

Movies I’ve seen since I moved to Abu Dhabi:

Charlie Wilson’s War. Strong performances by the main actors and a good film overall. Several scenes were cut heavily, to the point where it was obvious where the frames had been spliced together.

I Am Legend. Good if a bit disappointing. Will Smith plays well but the CGI was a bit off at times and the ending was changed completely from the novel (or at least the novel as I remember it). One I’d recommend to see but not buy. And did anybody else see The Omega Man? I should really get a hold of it and do a proper comparison.

In the Name of the King. Uwe Boll takes on Dungeon Siege and produces what you’d expect from Uwe Boll. That said it was enjoyable enough fare, and although Jason Statham is completely miscast as farmer he shows he can be a decent action star. The posters implied that Kristanna Loken was co-star but she only appears in three or four scenes and can’t have 10 minutes on screen. Not that I went because of her.

10,000 BC. Uh, why did I see this again? I suppose it wasn’t the worst film I’ve ever seen but it was still a fecking mishmash. Why the Egyptian priests look like Indian gurus I’m not sure but such is life. I guess they were playing with the Atlantis myth as well.

Doomsday. British-based science fiction/horror. Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen but I wouldn’t recommend it, even if I am a fan of apocalyptic-style movies. Some interesting looking ladies in it though but certain elements of the plotline are just stupid, even if they are justified in the film.

Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr is excellent, the production qualities are excellent and the origin story updated to make it more contemporary. Very, very highly recommended.

Speed Racer. Utter dross but great fun. Colourful and with plenty of things crashing about to keep the kiddies interested. I wouldn’t say the computer imagery was groundbreaking but it was certainly used very well.

Far Cry 2


CVG has screenshots up of Far Cry 2. It’s a veeeeeeeeery pretty game, but as fans of the Doom series will tell you, looks are a different thing from playability.

Please help find this man



Lucy writes:


The International Police are requesting worldwide assistance in finding the man pictured above. He is charged with the sexual abuse of at least three young boys in images released on the Internet.  Interpol states:

“The man, whose name, nationality and location are unknown is featured in approximately 100 images in a series of around 800, which are believed to have been taken in Southeast Asia and depict the sexual abuse of at least three boys aged between six and 10 years old. The first pictures of the man were originally discovered by police in Norway in March 2006.”

If you’ve seen this man or know his whereabouts or identity please contact Interpol.