Monthly Archives: June 2008

Bad Religion

I got a hold of the veteran punksters’ New Maps of Hell album the other day, the deluxe edition no less. It’s a good record overall — especially “Honest Goodbye” — but I also liked the acoustic bonus tracks. “Sorrow” works very well, although the solo seems a bit dropped in out of nowhere, and the chorus of “Adam’s Atoms” feels quite haunting for some reason.

I don’t know why the band recorded or included the acoustic set, but can’t help wonder if it is connected to Greg Graffin’s solo album, Cold As The Clay. The obvious difference is that the Hell tracks are reworkings of Bad Religion numbers, whereas Clay is deeply rooted in the folk traditions of Wisconsin. It’s another album I really enjoy, perhaps because I don’t normally listen to that genre of music. Not too keen on the title track, though. It’s at its best when picking through a sombre number.

Scolari's the man

So he’s off to Chelsea after all. He has “winner” stamped all over his CV but I was kind of hoping for Frank Rijkaard. But then Big Phil is Brasilian so I’m on his side and look forward to seeing what he brings to the Premiership.

I feel sorry for Switzerland, even if their elimination was a foregone conclusion before a ball was kicked. Unlike Japan and South Korea during the 2002 World Cup, they were never going to cause an upset. They’re not a bad team, but this was never going to be their year. It must sting to put so much effort into hosting a major tournament only to be knocked out in the first round. However, I hope that they can win their final group match and at least go out with some pride. (EDIT: Although they’re playing Portugal, so the likelihood of that happening is small)

I’m rooting for Germany, by the way.


I did not expect to see the Holy Family on sale in my local hypermarket.

As you’ve noticed, Tiny Planet has been in sleep mode for the last couple of weeks. Work has been busy and I’m sure I can find all sorts of other excuses as to why I haven’t blogged. Why do I not write book or fiml reviews? Why do I not just write streams of consciousness? Why do I not post links? No matter. I’ve resigned from The National and return to Ireland in September.