This ain't Disneyland

It’s more a WTFland: a Soviet bunker in Lithuania that has been reopened as a tourist attraction.

As Environmental Graffiti notes:

Tourists pay 120 LTL (€34.75) each to step back into 1984 as a temporary USSR citizen for 2.5 hours. On entry, all belongings, including money, cameras and phones, are handed over and under the watchful eye of guards and alsatians, tourists change into threadbare Soviet coats and are herded through the bunker.

Experiences include watching TV programs from 1984, wearing gas masks, learning the Soviet anthem under duress, eating typical Soviet food (with genuine Soviet tableware) and even undergoing a concentration-camp-style interrogation and medical check.

Most of the ‘actors’ are ex-Soviet soldiers, although the bunker is designed for school groups so it’s not as bad as it could be. But still, would you pay for the experience?

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1 thought on “This ain't Disneyland

  1. kriste

    Yea, it’s a very good idea – to show the world what USSR was doing for Lithuanian’s people… It’s like a time mashine, where you can see what was earlier πŸ™‚


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