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How does one balance it all?

Also, a good number of my RSS subscriptions through Bloglines have failed to update since earlier this month, even though they’re not all showing error messages. What’s up with that? But then maybe no news is good news, especially with the economy skipping toward the dark ages.


1. When a barber is snipping away at your hair, should you lose total confidence when he winces and says: “Oh, I’ve cut myself again”?

UPDATE: He’s now very much on my hitlist, as I have just realised he shaved part of my beard on one side of my face but not the other.

2. Why does much of Cork city centre smell like an elderly man who has wet himself and allowed it to dry?

Time marches on

The birthday breakfast of champions

Happy birthday to me. So that’s one more circuit around the sun – fingers crossed I’m in for quite a few more.

On another note, I’m three weeks from departing the Middle East. Expect me to overdose on shawarma and hummus over the following days…

A peculiar epitaph

Over on his blog, Paolo Coelho posts snippets of writing, usually involving a lesson or life advice. There’s a nice one up today about doing the most with the time you have on this planet.

On his tombstone, he had the following epitaph engraved:

“A life which ends with death, is a life not well spent.”

I like the piece because it does not necessarily preach about what one should do to ensure future generations remember them, it just gives an example of one character. Coelho will live on through his writing — The Alchemist in particular — much as Shakespeare has. It’s also important to note that Abin-Alsar, the character in the blog posting, does not achieve world fame or glory, but rather makes life better for the people of his town. A local but beloved immortality.


I’m back in Ireland for two weeks, so the blog will be a bit quiet as I rush around trying to see everybody.

In the meantime: dance, Mario, dance.