Making progress

After a morning spent in the sun, I’ve just finished reading through what I laughably call the first draft of my thesis; it’s not so much a draft as the prototype of one. Either way, it’s 15,000 words that at times seem out of sequence and in need of reworking.

Thankfully, I’ve more or less made my arguments and most of what is left to do is structural and cosmetic. With one book awaiting me at the library and a few articles in the bag next to me, I should be well on my way to having this thing done and dusted in a few weeks. If I can hit the magical 20,000-word mark by the end of June I’ll be a rather happy camper, because the psychological pressure will be broken and I can get on with fine-tuning rather than fleshing out.

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2 thoughts on “Making progress

  1. Sarah

    Dave, are you crazy? Done by June? You’re not supposed to start it properly until August…. I feel so inadequate.


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