Picture power

A seasoned sub-editor once told me: “If you’ve got a good pic, go big”. Here are a few newspapers that have designed their front page with a strong image in mind (click the thumbnails for a bigger view):


I love how the blue motif from the AM New York‘s masthead is continued in the background of the photograph and the strip ad along the bottom. The scale of the man inside the tunnel is great as well; and it’s one of those times when the headline practically writes itself.


Papa Benny is on tour in Brazil at the moment, bringing the love and talking theology. Here’s how the ValeParaibano in São José dos Campos marked the occasion. Although the pope is just sitting there, he still dominates the page. I also like how they’ve designed the page so Benedict is looking at the copy, which is about a Brazilian friar who has been canonised. I like the colour scheme too. The newspaper has picked out the gold from the pope’s outfit and used the colour for the headline and subhead at the bottom of the text; it’s nicely punctuated by the yellow/bronze headshot of the friar’s statue.


I have no idea what any of the stories are about on the cover of Dziennik Lódzki but I like the cut-out of the dancing couple. Interesting that they allowed it to cover the masthead, but good for them. It also works as a nice framing device and keeps the stories nice and tight.


Unsurprisingly, Tony Blair’s announcement he’s calling it quits as PM from June 27 made the front of most of the English papers. The Daily Telegraph has used a pic of the man himself greeting his adoring public in his constituency. It may not have been the strongest Blair photo of the day but it works well above the fold.

(All pics from newseum.com)

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