Beverage of the gods

A while back I posted on the glory that is coffee, and how it can cut the risk of diabetes. But wait, there’s more!

Canadian researchers now say it can reduce the risk of gout. Now, gout may sound like an old-fashioned kind of ailment, but this article points out it affects about six million people in the US. What made me laugh is that for years people at risk of developing the painful joint condition — which is caused by uric build-up in the blood — were told to avoid coffee!

The study team found drinking four or five cups a day can cut the risk by 40%, while drinking up to six cups can make it 50-60%. Decaf seems to work just as well, while tea does feck all.

Unfortunately, study author Dr Hyon Choi says the drink isn’t a treatment, but adds there’s no need to cut down if you have the condition already.

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