My brain it is so squishy

Sometimes I spend so much of the day immersed in world events that blogging about them (at least in great detail) is impossible. I’m sleepy, lack focus and generally have trouble concentrating. Like I said in the title, my brain feels squishy.

There are many things I could easily have written about but did not. The recent terror incidents in Britain, Alan Johnston’s release (hurray!), the Australian crackdown on porn and alcohol in Aboriginal communities… I’m sure there are many more.

Some I simply did not feel like blogging about. Others I had read too much of other people’s opinions to have a coherent one of my own. Does anybody else have this problem?

There are also posts I have toyed with but never committed to the ether. I have shied away from some because I’m reluctant to reveal too much about myself, others because I have been unable to pin down a rational narrative. Perhaps this is procrastination. Perhaps it has a deeper meaning. (Perhaps it means nothing at all.)

My brain it is so squishy. Give me a couple of days and I’ll be better. In the meantime, here are some glorious examples of stop motion:

The Lego Millennium Falcon.

The Lego Trojan War.

Both of which I found while wilfing on Technorati.

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