Steorn insanity has an article up detailing how creationists have latched onto Steorn’s free energy device (which has yet to work) as “evidence against materialism”.

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Steorn’s findings totally undermine the basic premise of materialism, simply by demonstrating a confirmed physical effect that materialists predict cannot happen. These clever Irish researchers have demonstrated that the principles of thermodynamics function in a manner far closer to the predictions of William Dembski and William Brookfield than the clearly flawed thermodynamic claims of Hawkings and Maxwell.

The same scientists who tell you that Intelligent Design is impossible also dispute the hard-facts of Steorn’s peer-reviewed findings. I predict that this humble contraption will show the world just how much materialists have misled mainstream-science.

Sweet zombie Jesus. Did I wake up in crazy town?

Steorn’s Orbo device was supposed to have been unveiled online on July 5, but due to technical difficulties which were “primarily due to excessive heat from the lighting in the main display area” the streaming video and public exhibition have been cancelled.

The streaming video — which showed the Orbo device on a table surrounded by five computers in an otherwise empty room — was up and running earlier in the week at this URL, but surfing there now redirects to the company’s news section.

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