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  1. Tim Jones

    Hi David – thanks for the mention – it’s a shame about the Tara road, and there seems a much greater determination by the Eire government to push that through – the fact that the UK govt. refused funding for the Rotherwas access road makes it more likely that the site will be preserved, but I guess different politicians have different priorities from place to place – but in the case of Tara, that whole area is world famous, and I think many people will be puzzled that knowing this, the road build was still sanctioned, very odd, imo. Best, Tim

  2. David O'Mahony Post author

    Hi Tim,

    The Tara decision has left many of us baffled. If there’s one historical monument every schoolchild in the country knows it’s that. I think it’s fair to say it was partially a parting shot by the outgoing Environment Minister before he was demoted back to the junior ministries and replaced by a member of the Green Party. Roche may well think he has made a decision that’s in the best interests of the country — although I can’t help pointing out that he waited until after he was re-elected to make the announcement.



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