Darfur peace report

The International Crisis Group has published a report on a strategy for peace in Sudan. While essentially calling on the nation’s government to implement the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the group makes several worthwhile recommendations.

What caught my interest the most is that the first one is for the government to cease harassment of journalists. I know this is navel-gazing, but they list the removal of media restrictions ahead of releasing political prisoners. It’s all lumped in to one paragraph but the way it is structured perturbs me.

I support a free media and recognise the role it plays in exposing human rights abuses and corruption. However, I would rank freeing those jailed for their political beliefs ahead of us journos. Am I right or wrong? Are they matters of equal importance, reflecting aspects of the same crackdown?

Regardless, the report is worth a read and can be found here.

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