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Work has been the priority and the long hours have left little time for blogging… but here’s what I’ve been reading in recent days (not all of it has made it to my feed).

CNet: The Microsoft albatross. Don Reisinger says the company needs to abandon Windows after creating one more operating system.

Earth2Tech: EcoWeb tool, The site says its downloadable power-saving software optimises your PC’s power consumption through what it says is a “more effective” power saving mode. I haven’t tried it out yet so I can’t say if it’s too good to be true or a revelation.

Scientific American: Why we quit. A look at why more US college students drop out than graduate.

International Herald Tribune: Murdoch set to win control of Wall Street Journal. A story which was also reported in the Journal.

Harry McGee: The line is going to be Brian. Why Irish politics is going to revolve around the Finance Minister and heir apparent to Bertie Ahern’s throne.

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