What I'm reading

Some of the articles that caught my eye on my day off:

Scholars and Rogues: No relief from heat on Iran in sight. Russ Wellen says that although there are hopeful signs for a diplomatic solution to conflict between the US and Iran, there is no excuse for relaxing one’s vigilance.

(London) Times: Why I put my money on the elephant over the dragon. Maria Misra says India may beat China in the economic stakes.

Project Syndicate: Better red than dead? Former IMF chief economist Kenneth Rogoff argues that support for capitalism will be severely tested in the near future as would-be egalitarian health systems face ever-rising costs.

Christian Science Monitor: How to make peace using the principles of war. P Surdas Mohit cites Sun Tzu while arguing the UN/AU force for Darfur can succeed if lessons are learned from peacekeeping failures in the past.

Alertnet: Africans warm to Sudan mission, but forget Somalia. Six countries have quickly promised troops for Darfur but Somalia is still waiting for the 8,000 AU peacekeepers who were supposed to arrive this year.

Newsweek: Facebook grows up. A look at how Mark Zuckerburg (provided he survives the lawsuit) is trying to build the business while keeping it cool.

BBC: Red Army virus to combat MRSA. A bacteria-eating virus used by the Soviet military could kick the superbug’s candy ass.

Craig Stoltz: Proposed: An end to bylines. Oh I know a lot of reporters who won’t be happy with that…

Mybloghasnoname: Beautiful people earn 12% more than Ugly Bettys. According to the Journal of Economic Psychology this is mainly because good-looking people are considered more helpful and co-operative. Hmm.

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