Things that make you go 'hmm'

In a good way. Some are funny, some are just intriguing.

Good vibrations: An 86-year-old Jewish doctor has donated 12 surfboards to Gaza to promote peace. (AP)

Aiming high: A one-legged father of 78 is marrying two more women as he goes for 100 by 2015. (CNN/Emirates Today)

The power of words: The influence of pronouns in brain function. ( Daily)

In it for the long haul: Venezuela’s congress has approved constitutional reforms that could let Hugo Chavez rule for a long, long time. (AP/Boston Globe)

The good thief: A gunman holding up a convenience store halted his robbery to wait on a couple who eagerly accepted a pack of smokes and other items without paying. (Kansas City TV)

The great debate: Are gadgets and the internet actually addictive? (CNN)

A new power: Mysterious Italian crime syndicate linked to massacre in Germany eclipses Sicilian Mafia. (International Herald Tribune)

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