Links of the day

The Great Wall of China will be gone in 20 years. If the report is accurate it will be a dark, dark time for those who treasure the past. (

Breast cancer may be linked to use of deodorants. Worrying if true. (

Where do all the prayer notes go? Shmuel Rabinowitz leads the team that cleans up hundreds of thousands a year and buries them in Jerusalem. (Reuters)

Breakthrough drug for schizophrenia. It works as well as current medication but with fewer side effects. (AFP)

The music man. Columbia hope Rick Rubin can save the music industry. Rock. (International Herald Tribune)

Hidden trade barriers cost APEC $148bn: World Bank. That’s about 7.5% of the bloc’s trade in 2004. (AFP)

Malaysian taxi drivers issued dress code. Fines await those caught without socks or white shirts. (AP/Taunton Gazette)

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