Links of the day

The small farm and the cow. The man continues to inspire. (Paul Coehlo)

Tapes released of Simpson in Vegas. If these tapes are accurate Simpson is quite possibly the dumbest man in existence. (AP)

Ramadan’s peaceful roots.  (James Carroll/International Herald Tribune)

NY attorney general investigating energy companies. He’s probing if investors were given enough information about the financial risks of CO2 emissions of five firms’ future coal-power plants. (Earth2Tech)

Rule change favours Pakistan’s Musharraf. Seems he’ll be able to seek a new term as president while still head of the army. Slimy bollix. (AP)

Belgium to split? A division into Walloon and Flemish regions is looking more and more likely. (Catholicgauze)

Wallonie-sur-Mer. While we’re on the subject of Belgium, what the country would look like if the Flemish part was submerged, leaving only French-speaking areas. Plus an interesting few facts on how many governments the nation has. (Strange Maps)

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