Links of the day

Somalia, Burma, Iraq top corruption blacklist. I’m not surprised. Denmark, Finland and New Zealand are the least corrupt nations while Ireland comes in at 17th. (AFP/Transparency International)

New snake and orchids discovered in Vietnam. Let us never think we have seen all we can see on this planet. (Reuters/Environmental News Network)

Did they not look at the blueprints? A US naval barracks in California — built in the 60s — is shaped like a swastika. Huzzah for Google Earth! (CNN)

Russian woman’s 12th baby weighs in at 7.75kg. That’s about 17lbs if you’re thinking imperial. (Reuters)

Delegating: The case for personal outsourcing. Hmm. (Lifehacker)

The shooting won’t stop. “I say give the Gardaí whatever weapons they want. Bazookas, flame throwers, whatever. Just don’t send them out with sticks.” (Twenty Major)

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