Taiwan's missile plan

The island is producing missiles that could strike China. It has already trialled weapons that could hit Shanghai.

It’s logical enough for Taiwan to build up its military, particularly as it’s rival is doing the same.

Some Taiwanese military specialists have argued for decades that Taiwan should develop offensive weapons, including missiles, as a deterrent to the mainland, which has threatened to attack the self-governing island if it moves toward formal independence. The Pentagon estimates that China has deployed 900 missiles across from Taiwan.

The US is against such Taiwanese weapons, which will only fuel tensions between the island’s independence-leaning government and the mainland. Defence experts have also noted that the missiles could be used against financial and economic targets. This might be a bit mad given that China accounts for 22% of Taiwan’s exports and 12% of its imports.

But the Associated Press notes:

Wang Kao-cheng, a defense analyst, said the US could pull the plug on the missile program by withholding sophisticated satellite guidance technology from the Taiwanese military. The program could founder without the technology, he said.

“The US has objected to Taiwan developing mid to long-range missiles, fearing it could embolden the island’s authorities to take more provocative policies toward China,” said Wang, professor of strategic studies of Tamkang University.

I wonder if Taiwan will seek other assistance should the US step up its opposition.

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