An assortment

Misleading headline of the day: How a boozy dinner led Dunphy to finger Bertie. The Sindo in scintillating form.

Windbelt — Third World power. Shawn Frayne has developed a smallscale wind turbine that can power lights and radios, etc. You might never power your house on such technology but it could make a difference after night falls.

Nigeria asks Bill Gates if he is a mooch. Superbillionaire computer boy Bill was initially denied a visa to enter the country after it “required proof he would not reside in Nigeria indefinitely, causing a strain on social services and a general nuisance for immigration”.

Israeli planes struck nuclear site inside Syria, analysts say. Israeli and US analysts that is, seeming to confirm rumours that have abounded since the incident. And courtesy of Gavin, here’s how the aircraft were able to evade detection.

Meanwhile, Sarah Carey does a good job of taking Ireland’s millionaire tax exiles to task:

As long as we have a political system that is run by rich men’s rules, our society will continue to condemn some children to life-long disadvantage and treat others to a lifetime of opportunity simply because one is born in Moyross and the other in Merrion… The tax exile can operate a private form of justice that comforts him, but it does nothing to make the fundamental changes our society needs. In fact, it’s in their interests that unfairness is perpetuated because the system suits them as it is.

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