Green Google

Google aims to produce 50 megawatts of electricity by 2012.

To put it in context, Ireland’s biggest power station, Moneypoint, produces 855 megawatts and is supposed to be able to cater for 40% of the country’s needs (although the claim is made on the ESB website, a spokeswoman recently said it produces 800 megawatts, or 25% of Ireland’s demand).

But that’s an aside. Google going green makes sense — if it can produce its own power it will increase its independence, limit the risk of blackouts on the main grid, have energy sources close to its centres and, just as importantly, will garner further goodwill.

Data centres in particular gulp down electricity, so it is a sound strategy to have the power source as nearby as possible.

Perhaps it will help fuel the Google global conquest that Damien has predicted.

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1 thought on “Green Google

  1. Lucy

    I love google, I’m not going to lie about that. They’re quick to dominate nearly every aspect of the market they take an eye to- which is proof of their excellent marketing, products, etc. But it’s also very worrying. Google reminds me of Terminator III’s skynet and we all know how that one ended.

    In this case I think google is absolutely brilliant to go green- they set the rhythm for so many aspects of computing advances and business practises in the industry that I can’t see how it’d be a bad thing. So this time I’ll tip my hat and say, ‘Way to go google’!


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