Pakistan power play

Pervez Musharraf has declared a state of emergency in Pakistan — is anybody surprised?

The official reason is that he feels the judiciary is interfering with government and Islamic militancy is a threat. However, as AFP notes:

Paramilitary troops and police surrounded the Supreme Court in Islamabad, which had been due in coming days to give a verdict on the legality of military ruler Musharraf’s victory in an October 6 presidential election.

The supreme court ordered the suspension of emergency rule, private television reported, but the government rejected the move.

As his election was, in my eyes, illegal, I am not at all taken aback by his naked bid to cling to power. He will hang on to this for as long as the army — of which he is the head — backs him.

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2 thoughts on “Pakistan power play

  1. Munawar

    We pakistanis are now have become used to these so called “National Interest” actions.

    People of pakistan wants justice and first time we have witnessed an active judiciary. But this is not acceptable to power corridors as many senior officals are getting punished for their wrong doings

    The next drama is happening soon “Free Election” — would any person even thinks of free elections under backing of interlligence agencies and ARMY

    Our Army loves to win over our “OWN PEOPLE”

    May god mercy on Pakistan and on its people

  2. Lucy

    I agree with your last statement- the election was illegal and this is just another stunt designed to hold on to his seat.

    Munawar also makes a good point- if the army is sitting outside your door when you cast your vote, how is that free?

    I think a revolution may be in order for Pakistan?


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