End of an era

It was inevitable that the voracious march of consumer technology would lead to casualties, though I think this one has been something of a slow-bleeder.

Polaroid is dropping the technology it pioneered long before digital photography rendered instant film obsolete to all but a few nostalgia buffs.

The firm is closing factories in Massachusetts, Mexico and the Netherlands and cutting 450 jobs as the brand synonymous with instant images focuses on ventures such as a portable printers for images from mobile phones and digital cameras, televisions and DVD players.

The company, which once employed 21,000 people, had (stupidly) believed it didn’t have to embrace digital technology, thinking traditionalists would stick with the old-school tech.

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2 thoughts on “End of an era

  1. Em

    I threw away my broken polaroid camera a few weeks ago. Maybe I should have kept it as a memorabilia? It could have been worth money in a few decades…


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