Desert haze

The last week or so has been uncharacteristically mild. Well, when I say mild, I mean it’s only been in the low to mid-30s celsius as opposed to well above 40C. In fact it’s been quite pleasant. However, it was all down to the shamal, a cold wind that whips through the region now and again, stirring up sand particles and bringing fog to this desert city on the Gulf coast. You don’t believe me? Take a look at these photos of the city as seen from the causeway leading to Marina Mall:

Then compare it with this, taken a few months ago close to the same spot:

Alas, the respite is over and the long, hot summer is almost upon us. I imagine few of us are truly prepared for what awaits over the next two months.

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2 thoughts on “Desert haze

  1. Sarah

    Sizzle, sizzle… I can hear the burn all the way over here! Us Irish folk just melt in such conditions… hmm… buy a rain stick or play Rihanna’s ‘Umbrellla’. Seems to do the trick over here each time they play it on the radio!

  2. Dave

    I don’t mind the low 30s. In fact I occasionally find it a bit chilly if there’s a small breeze. What’s wrong with that picture?


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