The X-Files 2

What a disappointment. It was no secret that it would have nothing to do with the conspiracy plots of the series but that foreknowledge didn’t help. A weak script and really unoriginal plot, along with what seems to be the complete disregard for how the series ended, add up to a very poor movie from Chris Carter. I wanted to like it — had it not been The X-Files I may have happy enough with it as a by-the-numbers serial killer story — and I can’t say I hated it; just that I was let down. The evolution of the Mulder-Scully relationship is pleasant enough but the film captures none of the essence that the TV show had at its peak. Even the “unusual” aspects of the case are humdrum; there were far more original takes on similar things in the early seasons of the show.

My recommendation: wait until it’s broadcast on television. Don’t bother paying to see it.

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