Dubai says no to soccer club

Zabeel Investments has seen sense and is no longer pursuiing Charlton Athletic. It had made an indicative cash offer for the Championship club but it has all come to nought. Zabeel has been linked with Liverpool, Newcastle and Everton but

today went as far as saying it has “no current intention” to acquire “any English club for the foreseeable future” therefore killing off any future rumours it could purchase a financially distressed English club.

Zabeel could probably have picked the club up for peanuts but, as Charlton are hardly setting the league alight this season and are far from marketable on a global scale, I’m not at all surprised that the deal is dead. It blamed the financial crisis and the debate over foreign ownership of English teams for the buy’s demise, and I am sure this played a factor, but at the end of the day, and with all due respect, it’s Charlton Athletic. Even if it had the money to compete at the highest level, there’s no guarantee it would attract players of the right calibre.

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