Gaeilge: Níl sé marbh fós

Tá Lá na Gaeilge ag teacht — is Lá Fhéile Pádraig é, 17ú Márta. As Béarla, scríobh iGaeilge:

I’m proposing that every blogger who has Irish, be it the cúpla focal or a native speaker’s fluency, use that on Lá na Gaeilge by posting a blog or a comment as Gaeilge, or as much Gaeilge as they have, on that day.

It’ll only take a few minutes but it could have a profound impact on the blogosphere and with any luck will get some media attention. It’ll cost nothing and yet it might achieve more than has ever been achieved by grants and language stifling bureaucracy over several decades.

And if a number of the bloggers, posters carry on afterwards, all the better…..

Déanfaidh mé m’iarracht is fearr! Tá lá Twitter na Gaeilge agaibh freisin.

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