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St Patrick's Day (Lá Fhéile Pádraig)

Lá Fhéile Pádraig shona duit! Tá Gaeilge labhartha lag agam, ach is mo theanga é. Níl sé marbh fós, tuigeann tú. Fadó, nuair a bhí mé ag staidéar sa pobalscoil, bhí Gaeilge caoiseach mhaith agam. Ní raibh mé ar fheabhas, ach bhain mé taitneamh asat. Chríoch mé mo scrúdaithe tar éis triocha nó daichead noiméad (gnáthleibhéal). Ach seacht bliain seo caite tá sé caoiseach as láthair. Ó am go h-am, smaoin mé as Gaeilge. Ba fhearr liom é ós teangaithe eile (ach táim i ngrá le Fraincís).  I mo chroí is Gaeilgeoir mé. Freisin, tá tuirseach traochta agam 😛 Slán leat, agus tá súil agam go bain tú taitneamh as an lá náisúinta go hÉireann.



Happy St Patrick’s Day! I’m kind of weak at spoken Irish, but it is my language. It’s not dead yet, you understand. Long ago, when I was in school, my Irish was fairly good. I wasn’t excellent, but I enjoyed it. I even managed to finish my exams in thirty or forty minutes (ordinary level). But seven years later and it’s gone AWOL. From time to time, I think in Irish. I prefer it over other languages (although I love French). In my heart I’m a Gaeilgeoir. I’m also exhausted 😛 Bye for now, and I hope you enjoy Ireland’s national day.


Another wrestler dead

Andrew “Test” Martin has passed away at age 33. I haven’t followed the industry for a few years but it’s still always sad when a worker dies — and it’s happened far too many times. The cause of death is as yet unknown. WWE veteran Jim Ross has a long blog piece remembering Test here.

Facebook revamp

My first reaction to the changes on Facebook? Complete botch job. If I only wanted a list of status updates I’d stick with Twitter. I’d publish a screenshot but it would be far too intrusive to the privacy of my FB friends.

Chrome to the rescue

I can post without any trouble on my Vista laptop while using Chrome, but it seems largely fubar on my XP desktop using Firefox. I notice that the “problems” post made it through, although I didn’t get a confirmation page when publishing it. Not that anyone cares except me.

Gaeilge: Níl sé marbh fós

Tá Lá na Gaeilge ag teacht — is Lá Fhéile Pádraig é, 17ú Márta. As Béarla, scríobh iGaeilge:

I’m proposing that every blogger who has Irish, be it the cúpla focal or a native speaker’s fluency, use that on Lá na Gaeilge by posting a blog or a comment as Gaeilge, or as much Gaeilge as they have, on that day.

It’ll only take a few minutes but it could have a profound impact on the blogosphere and with any luck will get some media attention. It’ll cost nothing and yet it might achieve more than has ever been achieved by grants and language stifling bureaucracy over several decades.

And if a number of the bloggers, posters carry on afterwards, all the better…..

Déanfaidh mé m’iarracht is fearr! Tá lá Twitter na Gaeilge agaibh freisin.