Everyone loves treasure


A Norse horde uncovered by a father and son metal-detecting team is causing quite a stir in England.

The 10th Century find — conservatively estimated to be worth £750,000 (E1.1m) — is the biggest such find since the 1840s and has coins and all sorts of cool stuff from as far afield as Afghanistan and Ireland (thieving Viking feckers).

The Examiner is running an article on it in the July 20th edition. I’ll post a link when it goes online. You can read it here or you could nip out to the shop and buy a copy of the paper, thus keeping me in a job (a feat I admit will be somewhat difficult for the 46% of my visitors who are from North America).

Commentary posts have been few and far between recently apart from my Iraq rant and bit on clerical sex abuse. I should have at least one up over the next few days, possibly two if my brain is in the right gear.

Update: the first post I have in mind will be a personal one about music. It’s almost written in my head but alas the flesh is weak at this hour of the morning (2am by my reckoning). Not like anybody but me gives a damn.

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