Cunning spammy bastards Part II

I had a good run.

After a month receiving only seven spam comments, the floodgates opened today with 27 in two minutes. Now, I know this isn’t on a par with the likes of Gavin — who by this stage has hundreds of thousands of spam comments — but this is my part of the blogosphere and I protect it with the savage ferocity of a grizzly bear who’s been kicked in the testicles.

Robotic or not, you have to wonder how the spammer thinks his post is going to pull in the punters when it doesn’t even have a hyperlink in the body text. “Price levitra at schnucks” and “articles on cialis” are two such considered comments. Back to the drawing board lads.

Those two muppets haven’t quite got to the lowest common denominator — “free pictures of naked women without pop-ups” is probably the most coherent spam message I’ve ever read — but God love ’em they’re (not) trying.

I’m not sure I want to meet the person who jumps on a link entitled “free anime pee” (WTF?) though.

UPDATE/POST-SCRIPT: Computerworld has a good article focusing on a retired spammer, in which he talks about his five-year career and how he’s going to hell.

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