Interesting articles

They stimulated my brain cells anyway. Here are several interesting blogicles I’ve stumbled across on my recent travels:

Mental_floss: How to join the Amish. A wry, at-a-glance piece on just what’s required.
Celsias: Outdoor heaters warming the world literally. The amount of carbon dioxide from patio heaters in Scotland is the equivalent to that produced by more than 1,200 homes. If upright walking is so energetically favourable, why do apes still “knuckle-walk”? Current research suggests humans learned to walk upright to conserve energy. Kambiz Kamrani answers the question creationists keep asking.

Compiler: It’s sink or swim time for Thunderbird. Mozilla’s chief executive is ready to cut the email app loose so it can be run by a different entity.

AlertNet: 200,000 displaced, scores killed by floods in Sudan. As if they didn’t have enough to worry about… written by Red Cross/Crescent personnel in the country.

Danger Room: Drunk astronauts launched into space. A NASA panel found that drunken astronauts were allowed to fly despite warnings about their alcohol consumption. *sigh*

Engadget: European Commission files antitrust charges against Intel. For using “illegal tactics” against AMD.

Climate Feedback: Google turns to the dark side. Apparently some people claim it would save a lot of energy if high-traffic website such as Google changed their background colour from white to black. However, this is disputed…  curious though.

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