Breaking wind

Some good news on the climate front and an opportunity for a childish giggle (it’s my birthday, allow me these little foibles).

Latest figures show 15,200 megawatts of wind turbines were installed worldwide last year. This increased global wind power capacity 26% to more than 74,200 megawatts, enough to offset 43 million tons of carbon dioxide (or that produced by 8m cars).

Granted there is a long, long way to go before CO2 output is properly capped. The 43m tonnes is only 5% of global emissions. It is progress though — and it’s heartening to see that China is likely to be the world’s top wind power producer in a few years. Also, a researcher involved in the study claims wind could reduce CO2 emission growth by 2015.

Spain last week authorised the development of wind farms along its coastline, while Denmark is aiming to provide 50% of its electricty from wind turbines.

As the supermarket ad says, every little bit helps.

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