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Short and sweet because I’m on the verge of a migraine. I love how Mother Nature bitch slaps me on my day off.


Anime protestors meet real police. I can’t believe I went all weekend without seeing this… Fans used figurines to hold a protest against a distributor in Singapore. Police sent four anti-riot vans. (Reuters/Textfiend)

Inside politics — of youth and age (again!) A look at the fairly sprightly Fine Gael and aging Labour Party. (Harry McGee)

5,800-year-old mass graves from Tell Brak, Syria Evidence of a massacre at one of the oldest known cities. (

Antique ivory skull statuettes Creepy yet strangely beautiful. (Boing Boing)

Britney Spears at the VMAs… If you like train wrecks, check out the footage of a totally out of it Britney ‘performing’ her latest single. Thoughtfully contrasted with her “Slave 4 U” stint at a past show. (Rick O’Shea)

Spanish ‘granny’ dissects past and present on blog. María Amelia Lopez is 95 and kicks ass. A great story I wish I’d seen for today’s foreign pages of the Irish Examiner. (International Herald Tribune)

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