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Given the day that it is, I don’t really feel much like posting something proper. Just links. Nothing overly serious and, for once, no mention of the utter-fucked-upness that is the Middle East.

Study pits liberal brains against conservative brains… who’s more flexible? Liberals, of course. (USAToday)

The Spybot Search and Destroy game. One of my favourite anti-spyware programmes has a secret minesweeper game for you to play while scans are in progress. (How-to Geek blogs)

State of play: the game of love. Increasing numbers of people find MMORPGS a great way to size up a potential mate, the logic being their online behaviour reflects their real-life behaviour. (BBC)

Quench your thirst without selling your soul. Enjoy bottled water without the conscience bothering that comes with knowing how much oil is used to make the plastic bottles. (Earth2Tech)

Why our next prime minister got drunk in a strip club. If only the current crop of Irish politicians had tales like this, as opposed to answering awkward questions about their finances. (Mr Angry)

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