An assassin's identity

From the International Herald Tribune:

The independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper and Russian prosecutors know the identity of the man who killed Anna Politkovskaya, the newspaper’s correspondent who was slain in a contract-style killing last year, according to the newspaper’s editor and a special report.

But the identity of the person who ordered the killing has not been determined and the man who shot Politkovskaya has not been found and arrested, the editor said. He added that more time was needed to investigate the case.

The special report is apparently “not a full disclosure of what the editors know”. The paper is working with police on the case, although I have my doubts the authorities have the will to catch the guy.

The newspaper’s editor in chief Dmitry Muratov said: “My main task is not to give interviews and to write stories. I want the bastards in jail.”

Me too. Take ’em down.

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