Oh, sweet irony

I’m living in a desert and yet I have the worst cold I’ve had in a year. Friendly neighbourhood pharmacist to the rescue… with tablets the overdose manifestations of which range from depression to euphoria to death. Mmm, tasty.

UPDATE: And just to add to the fun, today is the day the company has decided to take headshot photos of all employees. The red and runny nose makes for a winning portrait, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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3 thoughts on “Oh, sweet irony

  1. Lucy

    Feel better Dave!

    I remember my university orientation day they made us walk all around the campus at high noon in a Florida July, then, they said- “Ok guys, time to take your ID pictures” I got stuck with that rubbish picture for 3.5 years. LoL.

  2. Maria

    Hi Dave,

    A head cold! We should be so lucky in rainy Eire. Mallow has been raided once again by the blackwater with four feet of water recorded. Then again why the hullaballoo considering it has been that exact way since Adam was a boy in the fecking orchard and he nibbled on a granny smith!

    Ltr Maria


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