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Links o' the day

First OS X Trojan spotted — no need to panic just yet.

Greens means compromise. Harry’s in fine form: “As the saying goes, you say tomato, I say total and abject capitulation.”

How to educate yourself online. Sure, we’ve all been wandering the net for years, but now and then it’s good to get a refresher.

Tesco employee suspended over Facebook. He tracked a customer down and sent her naughty pictures.

And you thought you had a bad day… You didn’t get arrested after crashing your car, getting shot and stripping off.

A friend of a friend bombed Bali. That’s one way for a politician’s speech to make the papers.

Japan may track defence officials using GPS.

The man who rode his bicycle

His name is Robert Stewart, he has admitted sexual breach of the peace and has been placed on the sex offenders’ register. He was in a hostel bedroom which was unlocked by cleaners who caught him copulating with the bike.

Richard Alleyne of The Daily Telegraph notes that this is not the first time somebody has been convicted of sex with an inanimate object — an electrician was done in 1993 for having sex with pavements.

Bryony Gordon muses:

He was in his hostel room at the time, behind locked doors (staff went in when they got no response from him). It was between him and the bicycle. I’m not sure I would have called the police had I caught him riding his bike [as the hostel manager did]; probably I would have just screamed and run away and then think that maybe he was just confused by somebody who had told him that the local bike would sleep with anyone.

An assassin's identity

From the International Herald Tribune:

The independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper and Russian prosecutors know the identity of the man who killed Anna Politkovskaya, the newspaper’s correspondent who was slain in a contract-style killing last year, according to the newspaper’s editor and a special report.

But the identity of the person who ordered the killing has not been determined and the man who shot Politkovskaya has not been found and arrested, the editor said. He added that more time was needed to investigate the case.

The special report is apparently “not a full disclosure of what the editors know”. The paper is working with police on the case, although I have my doubts the authorities have the will to catch the guy.

The newspaper’s editor in chief Dmitry Muratov said: “My main task is not to give interviews and to write stories. I want the bastards in jail.”

Me too. Take ’em down.

Links of the day

The small farm and the cow. The man continues to inspire. (Paul Coehlo)

Tapes released of Simpson in Vegas. If these tapes are accurate Simpson is quite possibly the dumbest man in existence. (AP)

Ramadan’s peaceful roots.  (James Carroll/International Herald Tribune)

NY attorney general investigating energy companies. He’s probing if investors were given enough information about the financial risks of CO2 emissions of five firms’ future coal-power plants. (Earth2Tech)

Rule change favours Pakistan’s Musharraf. Seems he’ll be able to seek a new term as president while still head of the army. Slimy bollix. (AP)

Belgium to split? A division into Walloon and Flemish regions is looking more and more likely. (Catholicgauze)

Wallonie-sur-Mer. While we’re on the subject of Belgium, what the country would look like if the Flemish part was submerged, leaving only French-speaking areas. Plus an interesting few facts on how many governments the nation has. (Strange Maps)

Things that make you go 'hmm'

In a good way. Some are funny, some are just intriguing.

Good vibrations: An 86-year-old Jewish doctor has donated 12 surfboards to Gaza to promote peace. (AP)

Aiming high: A one-legged father of 78 is marrying two more women as he goes for 100 by 2015. (CNN/Emirates Today)

The power of words: The influence of pronouns in brain function. ( Daily)

In it for the long haul: Venezuela’s congress has approved constitutional reforms that could let Hugo Chavez rule for a long, long time. (AP/Boston Globe)

The good thief: A gunman holding up a convenience store halted his robbery to wait on a couple who eagerly accepted a pack of smokes and other items without paying. (Kansas City TV)

The great debate: Are gadgets and the internet actually addictive? (CNN)

A new power: Mysterious Italian crime syndicate linked to massacre in Germany eclipses Sicilian Mafia. (International Herald Tribune)


One hundred days since her disappearance, Portuguese police have finally admitted publicly that Madeleine McCann may be dead. Investigator Olegario Sousa said:

“In the past few days there have been some developments, some clues that have been found that could point to the possible death of the little child. All lines of inquiry are open, but this line has a little more intensity.”

Sousa’s comments come a day after Madeleine’s parents Gerry and Kate spoke of how they hoped a “shift” in the police probe would yield vital clues about the abduction.

The possibility of her death is something they will not want to face, for reasons you don’t have to be a parent to understand. Whatever naivete they may have demonstrated by leaving their children unattended, everybody with the least familiarity with the case hoped there would be a happy ending. Sadly, this was always going to be unlikely.

Natascha Kampusch proved there is always a tiny chance of a vanished child coming home. However, Madeleine’s parents will never be able to move on with their lives if they dwell on hope. I would never urge them to give up hope but if they don’t accept the possibility their daughter will not return they will be remain in stasis.

There have been many supposed sightings of the child and many theories as to what happened to her. I’m not sure we will ever know for sure unless her abductor breaks his or her silence.